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Prisoners of the Baroque

Humans have become a coveted item in the universe and sold for exorbitant amounts to the highest bidder. Four astrophysicists along with 50,000 other souls kidnapped from remote areas of Earth are abducted and taken aboard the slaver ship, Baroque to be sold at an alien auction. Amos leads his fellow professors and other prisoners in the hopes of a future that does not involve becoming subject of alien laboratory experiments, hard mining labor, or worse…

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Ardyce Years Author

About The Author

Ardyce’s love for books was born to replace friends. Growing up in the southwest her parents moved from town to town. The local library supplied her with endless relationships, some she holds near and dear today. The Old Man and the Sea stays by her bedside, although their love affair is relatively new. When an auto accident as a teenager kept her immobile for three months, the doctor’s banishment to the living room couch began her obsession with movies and television. (BTW, next to smart phones, streaming is the best invention of modern times.) The first science fiction movie she can remember viewing is The Day the Earth Stood Still.

She found the movie poster in Cannes, of all places, in 2006 and insisted on carrying it on the plane on her return flight home. Artie lives in Phoenix with her husband, three kids, and a menagerie of four legged family members. She is known for a wicked, sometimes inappropriate, sense of humor. Her kids do not think she is funny at all.

Ardyce Years is the author of the Brother 5 series which includes two novels, Brother 5 and Dancing Above the Moon, as well as novelettes Prisoners of the Baroque and The Ice Prisoner.

Jed to Timothy about the Jubilee System – Dancing Above The Moon

What is Jubilee and what makes it so mysterious?

Timothy’s First Spear Travel Experience – Brother 5

Learn more about Spear travel and Timothy’s adventure in Brother 5 available on Amazon to read right now

What is happening in the desert and remote spots around the world?

What is happening in the desert and remote spots around the world? Who are the “Gone Missing”? Who is Timothy and Jed and can they save humanity from enslavement in the universe? What are the 5 Brothers? These questions and more are answered in the epic sci-fi...

Viola to Timothy upon the Baroque – Dancing Above the Moon

Timothy wasn’t sure if both he and Napoleon would fit into the tiny area. There was barely room for Essie and Diablo—only if each took a lap. Before he could enter Viola circled an amber appendage around Timothy and pulled him away from Napoleon’s ears. When she...

The Lunch

A few years ago I took a long time associate to a thank-you-for-business lunch.  Before our meal arrived, she proceeded to tell me her daughter was dating an Asian. “I told her I am okay with Asian,” she said to me, her voice tinted by arrogance.  “As long as he is...

One Mandalorian and a Baby

I am on the third episode of The Mandalorian. We are so dependent on the writers to keep us entertained. So far Jon Favreau does not disappoint. Action, fun, and just a touch of sweetness.  (Although I will admit in the first episde I was worried about the spread of...

Halloween, Not a Fan

How did monsters come out of our thoughts and into our culture? A multi-billion-dollar movie business is based on good looking heroes in tights who save our world against mega-baddies. Are the villains a metaphor for the personality-altering power money and attention...

The Waiting Game of Writing

The house is quiet. The kids whereabouts are unknown, the dog is asleep and my husband is out doing errands. I am at a loss of what to do with myself. Should I begin the sequel to Dancing Above the Moon? Finish another short story? Edit a nonfiction book I wrote ten...

Why Do I write Science Fiction?

Why do I write science fiction? Others have encouraged me to explore other venues. Quoting an interview in the New York Times Magazine with the prolific author James Ellroy (The Black Dahlia and L.A. Confidential), he quoted Stephen King, who when asked why did he...