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Captain Kandley - New Novel by Ardyce Years Dancing Above the Moon - A Sci-Fi Adventure Novel by Ardyce Years   










Prisoners of the Baroque

Humans have become a coveted item in the universe and sold for exorbitant amounts to the highest bidder. Four astrophysicists along with 50,000 other souls kidnapped from remote areas of Earth are abducted and taken aboard the slaver ship, Baroque to be sold at an alien auction. Amos leads his fellow professors and other prisoners in the hopes of a future that does not involve becoming subject of alien laboratory experiments, hard mining labor, or worse…

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Ardyce Years Author

About The Author

Ardyce’s love for books was born to replace friends. Growing up in the southwest her parents moved from town to town. The local library supplied her with endless relationships, some she holds near and dear today. The Old Man and the Sea stays by her bedside, although their love affair is relatively new. When an auto accident as a teenager kept her immobile for three months, the doctor’s banishment to the living room couch began her obsession with movies and television. (BTW, next to smart phones, streaming is the best invention of modern times.) The first science fiction movie she can remember viewing is The Day the Earth Stood Still.

She found the movie poster in Cannes, of all places, in 2006 and insisted on carrying it on the plane on her return flight home. Artie lives in Phoenix with her husband, three kids, and a menagerie of four legged family members. She is known for a wicked, sometimes inappropriate, sense of humor. Her kids do not think she is funny at all.

Ardyce Years is the author of the Brother 5 series which includes two novels, Brother 5 and Dancing Above the Moon, as well as novelettes Prisoners of the Baroque and The Ice Prisoner.


Follow Timothy on his unwitting adventure through the cosmos to find Lucy and the rest of the “gone missing” by reading Brother 5 by author Ardyce Years.

Available in paperback and e-book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RC6JULK/

Read Dancing Above the Moon – Available on Amazon

Read Dancing Above the Moon by Ardyce Years available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Dancing-Above-Moon-Brother-Book-ebook/dp/B088NPQ3KC

My name is Jed (Brother 5)

Who is Jed and will he uncover the plot behind “the gone missing”?

Who is the Ice Prisoner?

Who is the Ice Prisoner?

The Man with the Scorpion Tattoo (Brother 5)

What does this Gang want and why are they hanging around the manor? Find out by reading Brother 5 by Ardyce Years available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RC6JULK/

Who are the Lacava’s and what do they want?

Who are these jewel encrusted, Cheshire Cat smile looking creatures and what to they want?

Your Adventure Is Waiting!

Start Your Adventure by Reading Brother 5 and Dancing Above The Moon by Ardyce Years available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ardyce-Years/e/B00S1GH82S

What is the Zephyr? – Brother 5

What is the Zephyr and where does it lead? Find out by reading Brother 5 by Ardyce Years available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RC6JULK/

Who is Capella?

Who is Capella and why was she taken?

The Story Behind Brother 5

A story formed as a single thought on a warm autumn day in Mexico. Driving from Caborca to Puerto Penasco over bumpy roads, the jeep was loud, I couldn’t hear the radio or my husband talking. (It’s okay, he likes to talk and repeat himself, so it’s never a problem to catch up at a quieter time.) A what-if scenario incubated, molded into a story, and for a few weeks took several different shapes, most discarded, until put to paper…