Dancing Above The Moon - Ardyce Years - Available on Amazon

Dancing Above The Moon – by author Ardyce Years – Available on Amazon

“Do I have competition for your goods, Captain?” A wide smile covered the being’s face, vibrant jewels encrusted his oversized forehead. “This is unexpected.”

The being carried himself with the confidence and entitlement of royalty. The scales on his spindly arms and legs mixed with colored gems, embedded to form designs Timothy didn’t understand. But it was his smile that gave Timothy the creeps. He could have been the Cheshire cat’s brother.

…“You are outnumbered and out-witted,” said the Lacava. “The Humans are mine, as are you and your mates.” His grin widened….

Dancing Above The Moon (Brother 5 Book 2) by Ardyce Years available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088NPQ3KC/