“My name is Jed. I find people, I guess you could say I’m a detective of sorts, only search for the unwanted, the forgotten ones. I volunteer to investigate the regulars, reported missing by the people on the street. If I’m lucky I find them before they fade into obscurity. Or worse.”

Jed dressed in the same attire every morning: crisp jeans, a blue button-down shirt, scuffed brown boots, a dusty cowboy hat and weather permitting, a hunter’s jacket. He blended in as long as no one examined him too close. Three distinctive crescent scars, one on each cheek and across his forehead intermingled into his well-lined face, fading reminders of a prior life.

Who is Jed and will he uncover the plot behind “the gone missing”?

Read Brother 5 by author Ardyce Years to find out!

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