The breeze swept up dust in the middle of the rock circle. Particles of the loose Earth swirled around them.

“Go, now!” Jed made a pitiful effort to push him away.

“I’m not leaving you in the middle of the desert,” said Timothy.

Before Jed could reply a tunnel of light encompassed them. Dark blue twists of roped rays curled around their bodies.

Jed clung to Timothy’s waist. “Stay calm,” he rasped. “Don’t touch the sides or you’ll lose your hands. When we land…”

Timothy wriggled free from Jed’s embrace. The air began to move. What the hell is this?

The breeze took the shape of a cyclone and gently elevated them off the desert floor. Sunbeams filtered through the blue-dirt mixture.

“What the f…?” Timothy clutched Jed, too surprised to jump out.

“Where the hell are we going?”

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