The passing of Leonard Nimoy has all science fiction fans mourning his loss.  His prolific career ended admirably with a clever appearance as his iconic character, Mr. Spock on 2009’s rebooted Star Trek movie and a  reoccurring role on Fringe as the nefarious William Bell.

Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock was beloved by both men and woman of all ages. As often written, woman wanted to be with him and men wanted to be him. Women knew he would never hurt them. His logic guided him to listen to women when they spoke, he never interrupted nor would he hurtfully criticize their words or get angry. He may not complement the way they dressed, but he would never say “You’re wearing that?” or “Are you really that stupid?”

Mr. Spock’s logic passed for manners in to day’s rude world. Females felt safe around him. They instinctually knew he would never verbally or physically abuse them, for that would be illogical. He would accept them for who they are, not what Human males wanted them to be. As part of reason, he took care of himself and his body stayed lean, his mind sharp. If he knew how to communicate by using logic, then he must have studied what Human females require to achieve sexual satisfaction.

His pointed ears became a trademark for wisdom. Other men craved his logic and wished they could keep their emotions from bubbling over into their speech and actions. Mr. Spock did not drink therefore he never used alcohol as an excuse for bad behavior.

Celluloid and digital inventions will keep Mr. Spock alive for generations to come. The old Star Trek television shows are dated, and season three showcased a monster of the week, ignoring the social commentary (daring in the dark days of the 1960’s) used in the earlier episodes. But we will have the Star Trek movies to revisit, six of which Leonard Nimoy acted. Consider yourself warned: you may find you liked the idea of Spock more than the actual character.