Star Trek Lower Decks

A fun show and will continue to watch it.  You can decide if you wish to read on.

Jack Quaid’s character, Brad, you get who he is immediately.  I think it helps that I am a fan of The Boys (Amazon Prime). He even looks like his avatar. Tawny Newsome’s Beckett is not as well written, as are the other female characters. Maybe that will evolve, but it left the big reveal of her parentage a little flat. Beckett’s snappy dialogue sometimes comes across as chaotic taking away from the writing and adding to the silliness. Although I am big fan of Newsome from her role on Space Force (Netflix), another other show that is also clever, entertaining and sometimes silly. (The heavens must know we need some nonsensical fun.)

A tip of the hand to the Fleet Command Insignia to past characters, a welcome touch. Laughed out loud at all of the Vulcan digs. Loved the Star Trek endings. The final scenes display a sweetness and comradery to cement loyalty to each other and future episodes/seasons. Can be viewed on Amazon Prime and CBS All Access.