Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind…

How did we come to this? Where did our global community fail? When in anyone’s world is it acceptable to gleefully murder innocents? But it isn’t just the killings that are frightening: it is the The Fanatical Virus infecting every global community. A politics of fear was created and it grows stronger every day. It isn’t contained to just the anointed crazies. Coherent strategic thinking is intentionally introduced to the closed minded. It slowly poisons drifting individuals, who need someone or something, and latches on to them and injects them with radical hate.

Why do they hate us? It doesn’t matter. The Fanatical Virus is in our DNA, remaining dormant until a repugnant thought or a noxious opinion activates the toxic virus, encouraging more monstrous thoughts.

The Fanatical Virus infected Hitler and his followers, and caused him to blame the Jews for all of Germany’s problems. It forced Stalin to kill twenty million of his fellow Russian countrymen in defense of his ideology. Past causalities of the Fanatical Virus include but not inclusive of the following atrocities: the planned genocide of the Native Americans, the Aborigines in Australia, the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, Christians eliminating non-Christians, other religions discriminating against Christians. All are causalities of the Fanatical Virus. Yet in spite of the required studying of all of our documented, embarrassing history, Humans still cannot manage our fear and hatred of others.

The Fanatical Virus’s far-reaching, tendril, the Jihad Virus, has deconstructed people’s lives by savagely killing hundreds of innocents victims of escalated disputes and ethnic cleansing. The African based Boko Haram killed more people in 2014 than ISIS (6,644 vs. 6,073). This evil incarnate continues its murderous rampage against the citizens of Nigeria, which included the kidnapping of 325 school girls in April, 2014. By the way, Nigeria is not located in a far way corner of our globe. It is only a five and half hour plane ride from Paris.

Like the zombies in World War Z, Jihads are multiplying by alarming numbers marching across our globe. The Jihad Virus is contaminating our population, in every country, every city, by encouraging radical loathing. ISIS’s toxic souls take comfort in their belief: eradicating the Earth of all of the Humans who do not follow their twisted faith. You may know it by a different nomenclature: racism, bigotry, religious bias, bible thumping, discrimination, prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry, casteism, homophobia or heterosexism, judgmental thinking.

We fool ourselves into thinking we are immune. Turkish fans booed during the moment of silence for Paris during a Turkey-Greece football match chanting the words allegedly spoken by the terrorists, effectively spreading the Jihadist Virus. These sports enthusiasts are not trained assassins who live in a cave.

The Fanatical Virus is passed on generation to generation. Parents infect innocent, sweet babies, therefore the cycle of radical hate is rarely broken.

Richard Branson pleads for tolerance, for the Syrian’s refugees. The western countries laughed at him, proving ISIS has accomplished one of their goals: punish all that dared leave their paradise of malevolence. We experience it in our own county with forms of discrimination, disguised by a mask of condescending words and justifications. There are those who take comfort by touting their intolerance for a chosen lifestyle by spouting religious righteousness.

How much are we sacrificing to terrorism.? Hate has been unleashed towards different faiths and their innocents. All because of the radical acts of a few.

What are options? Kindness and love? Probably not, but one thing is for sure. We will never eradicate the virus. We can only contain it.

Therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee. John Donne