During a spontaneous dark sky trip to the Atacama Desert four Australian astrophysicists are abducted. Amos, Lise, Eduardo and Flin, along with thousands of others, are transported by Zephyr to a space station four and half light years from Earth. There, a cargo ship,the Baroque will carry over fifty thousand souls, kidnapped from remote areas of Earth, to an auction at Midline.

Humans have become a coveted item in the universe and sold for exorbitant amounts to the highest bidder. Amos guides his professors to help those who cannot help themselves, manipulate the guards, and speculate on a future that does not include a mining camp or an alien quack’s laboratory.

Their journey takes them to Brother 5, a genesis-created solar system of five planets. On Brother 5 they discover a conspiracy to kidnap Humans from Earth. The investigation takes Timothy and Jed to places Timothy could never imagine. What they find is far worse than just a few unwanted Humans transported off Earth. Timothy and Jed must fight time and universe’s creatures to prevent the Human abductions.