Timothy’s only interruption of his alcohol fueled, thirty-something life is Lucy, a homeless woman who stops by his office every morning. They participate in a charade of chase, which always ends by Timothy giving her a couple of dollars and an egg sandwich. One day she smiles at him and touches his arm in gratitude. Lucy never returns. Timothy’s co-workers encourage him to search for Lucy at a local shelter where he is approached by Jed and his mongrel companion, Diablo. Jed is a self-styled private eye and investigates the “gone-missing,” those who disappear from the street. He suspects an increased number of homeless are vanishing and not by natural causes.

Jed agrees to help Timothy find Lucy. During their search a street gang attacks them. A weapon not-from-our-planet almost fatally injures Jed, forcing him to travel off our world to receive treatment to save his life. The Zephyr, an Earth-specific method of transportation, propels Jed and the unwitting Timothy to a space station located near Alpha Centauri. The quest for the “gone-missing” begins. Their journey takes them to Brother 5, a genesis-created solar system of five planets. On Brother 5 they discover a conspiracy to kidnap Humans from Earth. The investigation takes Timothy and Jed to places Timothy could never imagine. What they find is far worse than just a few unwanted Humans transported off Earth. Timothy and Jed must fight time and universe’s creatures to prevent the Human abductions.