As if summoned, the small ninja dressed ringmaster walked through the darkness. “Actually, if Jedadiah practices tranquility he can recover in his pod.”

The doctor placed his hand on Jed’s chest. Jed did not flinch. “My friend expect an extensive recuperation. Although I extracted the toxin, time will pass before a full recovery. Your organs almost succumbed to the poison. Any other species would have died instantly.” His small round face did not show any emotion.

“The phenomena of the Human body’s healing capabilities, deficient of medical or pharmaceutical assistance, marks it of pronounced interest,” said Dr. Battos. “I fought the temptation to permeate the poison to manifestation and therefore provide, as you Humans say, a guinea pig to analyze.”

Years, Ardyce. Brother 5: Book One of the Brother 5 Series (Kindle Locations 1086-1093).

Who is Dr. Battos? Read Brother 5 to find out!