I came late to the Star Trek Generation Party. The darling of science fiction television, (before Battlestar Galactica, of course), became my obsession catching all of the shows on whatever channel happened to be showing it. When TNG, ceased (Why, oh, Why!) I had to fight the gloom and doom of the thought of never finding another show which wisked me to new worlds and beings and for 40 minutes taught  love, tolerance, humor, and leadership. (Everything I learned about leadership I learned from Captain Picard. If I’m ever the captain of a spaceship, I’ll know exactly what to do. Also, did you notice in seven years his employees never took bathroom breaks? Effective use of time.) Many of the episodes were written by Ron Moore, who also produced it. After TNG ended I switched to Deep Space Nine, which I liked but didn’t love. I adored BSG and anxiously awaited every single episode. BSG mixed a healthy portion of Lord of the Flies, sprinkled it with more than a splash of Terminator, and added a bit of Star Wars, minus the cheese. I’m not sure why all of the actors aren’t huge movie stars. Opinion: The only thing missing from BSG, other than an ending, was a sense of humor. I like dark but sometimes  a little wit can make it seem, well, real.

So why do I hate Ron Moore? I have never been a bodice-ripping, romance reading kind of girl. I’m way too deep for that kind of reading. After all, I read all five books of the Song of Ice and Fire series. (Although I admit George almost lost me in book 4 and I wasn’t big fan of book 5, I will stick with it. Really disliked the Tyrion, carny folk, story arc. So how will Game of Thrones handle it? I am still disappointed that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss left out the return of Mama Stark)

My husband suggested we record Mr. Moore’s latest show, Outlander. He likes landscapes and thought it looked interesting. I suffered through the first episode and forced myself to watch the remainder of the series. I actually told my friend Martha about it. She loves Diana Gabaldon and read all of her books. She confessed she has been in love with Jamie for years and could not believe any show could reflect the true personality of the books. She text me over the holidays, and instead of catching up on Sons of Anarchy, binged on Outlander. She cried when it she found out she would have to wait until summer before it returned. For me, I guess being married means suffering through the next season as well. I keep checking the DVR to insure it is scheduled to record. It is the least I can do for my husband.