Mother Marguerite
The strawberry-haired young woman with the green eyes captivated Timothy. Is she Human? He desperately wanted to ask her, but the babies commanded all her attention. A smile never left her face.
…“And Marguerite?” Timothy said. “I mean, she seems nice.” “Mother Marguerite is love.” Greta’s sincerity poured over her words. “She’s the meaning of goodness and makes people better by being a part of their lives. Her undying faith in the souls of all the residents of the universe sets her apart from everyone else. Her belief is her compass and sometimes her sheer will alone keeps us all on course.”
…After a few awkward moments, Marguerite spoke in a somber tone. “More and more Humans are showing up in quadrants all over the universe.” “Not just the occasional?” She shook her head. “The numbers have increased since your last visit. And we were suspicious then.”
Brother 5: Book One of the Brother 5 Series
by author Ardyce Years

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